The Beginning of Faith Revival

Greetings beloved, my name is Woman of Strong Faith and this is my blog!!

This is a blog to encourage and help you to keep your faith in God alive, and to revive those that have lost their faith along the way. This is a blog where we can all share our stories of faith. This idea of a blog came to me by looking at the world and seeing that in this world there are so many people out there who have lost hope and forgotten who they are in Christ because of so many challenges they are going through, e.g. marriages falling apart, mothers and fathers not having money to support their children, businesses struggling because of difficult economy .

I thought to myself, as children of God, don’t we know that our God is more powerful then what we are going through, don’t we know that God is able to change our story around?

Then the Holy Spirit came to me and said the answer to our problems, is Faith . We children of God have fallen to our problems and forgotten about the faith that God has given us to move mountains.

So here I am writing this blog, inviting you all out there to be encouraged by who God says you are!!

Please journey with me on an adventure of living a life of Faith!!